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Economical costume necklaces, bracelets, and rings for your store.

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Black Butterfly Stretch Ring Stainless Steel Jewelry Designer Inspired Snake Necklace Butterfly, bee's charm bracelet
Retail: $20.00
Our Price: 9.00
MSRP: $9.99
Retail: $6.00
Our Price: 2.50
MSRP: $29.99
Retail: $20.00
Our Price: 7.50
Retail: $15.00
Our Price: 7.00
2940-Black Butterfly Stretch Ring Stainless Steel Jewelry- 3679 Designer Inspired Snake Necklace - 4040 Butterfly, bee's charm bracelet - 3418
Stainless Steel Jewelry Stone beaded jewelry Round Champagne CZ Ring Yellow music note earrings
MSRP: $9.99
Retail: $6.00
Our Price: 2.50
MSRP: $61.99
Retail: $36.00
Our Price: 14.00
Retail: $20.00
Our Price: 10.00
MSRP: $9.99
Retail: $6.00
Our Price: 1.50
Stainless Steel Jewelry- 3676 Stone beaded jewelry - 4053 Round Champagne CZ Ring - 3516 Yellow music note earrings - 4218
Casino Charm bracelet Flower Adjustable Rings Red music note earrings Economical Quality Adjustable Rings $18 per Dozen
MSRP: $27.99
Retail: $17.00
Our Price: 7.50
MSRP: $9.99
Retail: $4.00
Our Price: 1.50
MSRP: $9.99
Retail: $6.00
Our Price: 1.50
MSRP: $72.00
Retail: $36.00
Our Price: 18.00
Casino Charm bracelet - 4006 Flower Adjustable Rings - 3812 Red music note earrings - 4219 Economical Quality Adjustable Rings $18 per Dozen - 3767
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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry: Quality wholesale fashion jewelry at low prices, Find Wholesale Fashion Jewelry here. We present a large variety of wholesale jewelry products, retailers can buy large quantity of fashion jewelry for resale to consumers, you can also purchase costume jewelry individually, by the dozen, by bulk or lots, at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Fashion: Retailers and suppliers will need to adapt to all occasions and adjust to the latest fashion, it is important to know what's hot out there, and purchase the right items for the season. with us you don't need to worry, we do the research for you, and will keep our store with the latest styles around the world, just be sure to visit our new arrivals page every week.

Wholesale Jewelry: When choosing wholesale jewelry for your store take in consideration that there are many people with different opinions, that's why is important to have a good selection of different styles to choose from and only you know your clients.

Wholesale Supplies: Our wholesale fashion jewelry supplies are expanding every month, thanks to our loyal customers around the world. Selling our merchandise has become a good way of making profit in this bad economy.

Wholesale Stores: Here at are proud to distribute costume jewelry to all retail and wholesale stores, Hotels, gift shops, salons, parks, attractions, aquariums, zoos, boutique stores, department stores, and provide supplies to festivals and jewelry shows.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry: Whether your store is in United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico or United States, we can provide you with our unique designs and styles of our fashion jewelry collection, our items are handpick and our main goal is for you to sell. There is only $20.00 minimum order requirement, register now and earn money selling our wholesale costume jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler: Choosing fashion jewelry wholesalers online, can be risky because many suppliers enhance product pictures to look better, here at we are proud of our product pictures and product descriptions, they look original and as is. If you have no experience buying fashion jewelry online here are some hints: Read the product description, you will notice that 99.99% of our jewelry collection pendants are made with metal not plastic. After your first purchase with us, you will notice the quality and will soon learn to understand how jewelry feels by looking at a picture.

Wholesale Low Prices:
Fashion Jewelry below wholesale Prices, buying at wholesale low prices can bring a rewarding benefit to your store, make 100% to 300% profit of your investment with us and enjoy the reliable service we provide.

Wholesale Corporate Accounts:
Increase your sales with wholesale jewelry from Wholesale Fashion
If you are a purchasing agent or manager and will like information to open a corporate account to purchase fashion jewelry merchandise, please contact us, we look forward to have a business relationship with new corporate firms.

Wholesale Necklaces: We have an exclusive variety of wholesale necklaces from $1.00 and up; we carry fashion necklaces, charm necklaces, inspired necklaces and much more!

Wholesale Bracelets: Carrying bracelets for all occasions, with different styles that enhance the beauty of your hands. Some of the bracelets styles match the necklaces sets. Available now charm bracelets, hinge bracelets, cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, stretch bracelets, and inspired bracelets.

Wholesale Pendants: Pendant is the centerpiece of a necklace, we have different pendant colors, sizes, and shapes, our wholesale pendants comes with earrings as a set.

Wholesale Earrings: Browse for our latest collection of wholesale earrings, fashion earrings and sterling silver earrings, you may also purchase the necklace set with earrings.

Wholesale Rings: Fashion rings starting at $1.00 or browse our fine rings made with sterling silver 925, we have a variety of inspired look rings, color stones and ring sizes starting with size 5, size 6, size 7, size 8, and size 9, we also have stretch rings and adjustable rings.

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